Training, Coaching and Consulting

The Humanity Approach offers training, coaching and consulting with businesses, organizations, associations and small, medium and Fortune 500 companies on Generational Gaps in the Workplace, Raising Profitability by Raising Employee Engagement, The Mindful Leader and Connection In The Workplace.

Results Driven

We provide stimulating educational programs that are lighthearted and results driven.

Customized Engagement

We customize every engagement to address the audience at hand and adjusts during the presentation to match the needs of your organization.

Who Should Attend

Presidents, CEO’s, HR Directors, and Other Senior Team Leaders that are interested in developing a mindful, connected and engaged workforce that can positively impact the bottom line.


Mindfulness In The Workplace – The Mindful Leader

Learn how to be present for greater productivity, understanding the big picture and the NOW picture. The audience will be challenged on how to optimize performance and productivity, while understanding a greater sense of well-being.

The Result: Increased time management skills, freedom, clarity and reduced stress

Connection In The Workplace – How To Be More Productive, Intentional And Engaged

Learn how connection to yourself, your team and your environment effects your overall productivity and engagement. Learn how to gain greater connection, enhanced engagement and lead with intention setting.

The Result: Foundational guidelines that give clarity/direction to serving yourself, your team, your organization, your customers & your legacy. Learn to identify the attitudinal perspectives that influence how teams show up & operate

Engagement Through The Workplace

Explore how to engage and communicate at all levels. Create a culture of collaboration, engagement, & employee empowerment. Experience exercises that will change the way you lead & are followed.

The Result: Increased communication skills while understanding the power of one and many

Typewriter To Text Message: How To Close The Multi-Generational Communication Gap

How to understand the various generations and what motivates them. Learn how to help bridge the gaps that hinder productivity and morale. Participants will gain awareness of the communication issues associated with a four-generation workforce.

The Result: Dispel generational stereotypes, identify the key motivators for each generation, gain understanding of each generation’s communication styles & tips that are critical to bridging the gap